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  • Aluminum Hybrid Structure

  • Off Site Prefabrication

  • On Site Assembly

  • Easy to Transport

  • Flexible Application

  • Environmental Friedly

  • Plug and Play

  • BIM Technology Design

Comparing to other traditional material like concrete, steel or wood, AluHouse has lots of advantages by using aluminum material, such as:

Light weight and strong with flexible coating treatment and extrusion

Highly recyclable material with high resale value

Environmental friendly with no dust pollution or construction waste

Great performance in wind and earthquake resistance, also lightening protection

Also have 90 mins fire proof resistance as well as heat and sound insulation

Moisture proof and anti-corrosion with no termite problems

Up to 350kg/㎡ loading capacity with a long life span of more than 50 years

No landscape and weather restrictions,can be used in mountain, seaside, desert etc

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