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Business Background
1、Please share with us what AluHouse have been doing?
ALUHOUSE focuses on R&D and design of high-end aluminum modular building system, off site prefabrication of building modules and on site construction and sales of mobile houses and modular integrated construction. Our main products introduced to the market include:
. Alumic- a high-rised modular integrated construction projects(MIC);
. AluHouse-mobile aluminum houses;
. ALPOD-Futuristic design pop house.
2、What can be achieved by using AluHouse aluminum houses?
AluHouse mobile aluminum houses and MIC systems provide residential accommodation spaces, as well as commercial buildings and office. It is widely used in special theme parks, cultural vacation resorts, rural tourism, commercial streets, student dormitory, hotel rooms, RV camps, literary pop up stores, self-service convenience stores, restaurants and bars.
3、Comparing to wood materials, what are the advantages of aluminum houses?
As an invaluable resource on earth, wood needs to go through a long growth cycle. In China, the annual logging industry will inevitably destroy forest resources, which is contrary to the environmental mission and philosophy of AluHouse. In addition, wooden houses are susceptible to termites and cannot be used for long periods of time, requiring regular maintenance thus incurring additional costs. However, the aluminum alloy material introduced by AluHouse has undergone special surface treatment to form a dense protective layer, which has strong corrosion resistance and high level against rust and termite. It is most suitable for beach houses, near the coast or in other humid environments.
4、How much does it cost to own an aluminum house?
The price of aluminum houses depends on the design, the decoration configuration, and the ease of construction. We will provide accurate quotation after we have a detailed understanding of the customer's demand. For details, please contact us to or directly call the sales hotline 86-400-100-0289(CN) or 852 9190-9587 (HK) to communicate with our account manager.
5、Have AluHouse started its oversea export business?
In principle,  AluHouse can be exported globally as long as they comply with local policies and regulations. Currently,  AluHouse have been exported to the United States, Malaysia, Australia and other countries, and AluHouse project have launched in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We welcome cooperation from customers all over the world.
6、Please share with us some successful AluHouse projects ?
The confirmed tourism projects that AluHouse include Meizhou Hekka Park, Meilong Garden Complex, Nanguo Taoyuan Resort, Yunnan Yulongwan Park, Gansu Jiayuguan Visitor Service Center, etc. Commercial projects include Xingning Hekka Park Commercial Street and Macau Fisherman's Wharf Light Night Market Food Street, Foshan Shishan University City Waterfront Promenade Commercial Street, Jiangmen Guorui Real Estate Mobile Sales Department, etc.. New retail projects include Easygo unmanned convenience store, Binguo box unmanned convenience store, etc.; In addition, our company has established offline demonstration center in Meizhou, Hangzhou, Guangdong, and the United States.
7、What’s the difference between aluminum house and light steel house?
The aluminum alloy structure is even lighter than the light steel structure compared to the cost of a single structure, which can reduce the basic cost. Moreover, the corrosion resistance of steel structures is not acceptable. The aluminum alloy casing is highly resistant to moisture and corrosion, maintenance-free, easy to clean and thus can reduce future maintenance costs. The aluminum alloy material is easier to install, with unlimited design and imagination, providing a more convenient, reliable and aesthetic connection. The aluminum alloy structure is economical, energy-saving, environmental friendly, durable, and rich in shape, which greatly enhances the value of the building and enhances the image of the city where the building is located.
8、What is the difference between an aluminum house and a container house?
The aluminum house is made of aluminum alloy material, whereas the container house is generally modified from a container. The container space is relatively small, a standard 20-foot or 40-foot container is too narrow space wise, whereas the aluminum house is relatively more spacious. The single module width can reach a height of 3.3 meters and a length of up to 12 meters. The aluminum house is durable, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. It does not rust and has low maintenance costs compared to container houses made of iron.
9、How many storeys can AluHouse reach now in your project?
The low-rise assembly building contains three storeys and the high-rise assembly building contains 20 storeys by far. Currently, we are developing architectural solutions for a 40 storeys assembly.
10、How can I join AluHouse as a distributor?
Currently  AluHouse is mainly self-operated, and depending on the actual situation and after our discussion and negotiation with the interested parties, AluHouse may authorize partners who meet our qualification requirements as a distributor of AluHouse and we will provide certain business support to the distributors.
For details, please contact Mr. Lin:
Contact No.: +86 0758-6928628
Contact email:
11、Is there any rental services?
According to the actual situation of the target project, our company will evaluate whether to provide rental service support.
12、Is there any offline experience center?
Zhaoqing, Guangdong Experience center:AsiaAlum Industrial City, Dawang,Zhaoqing, Guangdong province, PRC Contact No. 4001000289
Meizhou Experience center:Hakka Park, Meizhou, Guangdong province, China,Contact No. 18879976086
Zhejiang Hangzhou Experience Center: North Side of Beixing Road, Shanyu Village, Shanyu Town, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China Contact No. 0571-87671265-807
America experience center:34390 Gateway Drive, 92211 Palm Desert, California, United States Contact No. 310-989-6808
13、Does the installation of the aluminum house need to be reported and licensed?
The aluminum house is considered temporary building in China and is therefore not subject to construction land index, while meeting national policy requirements. The registration procedures for the construction requirements will need to be further consulted with the local authorities.
Engineering Technology
1、Which parts of the AluHouse are off site prefabricated?
The hybrid structural systems, ground systems, floor systems, wall systems, roofing systems, interior systems (doors and windows, stairs, ceilings, railings) are all prefabricated at the factory with high strength aluminum alloy integrated insulation materials.
2、Can it be installed on site?
The aluminum mobile house is a prefabricated mobile house that is modularly assembled in the factory and transported to the site by tools such as trailers and cranes. It can be assembled into different types of houses, such as L-shaped, T-shaped, U-shaped, etc. making it more flexible and more efficient. If it is unable to meet the entire house transportation and lifting conditions due to geographical restrictions, we can also provide on-site installation services.
3、How long is the construction cycle?
The modular nature of AluHouse’s aluminum mobile house as a whole is prefabricated in advance at the factory, and it only needs to be hoisted to the site, and can be assembled like a building block. AluHouse has more than 100 stations, with an annual production capacity of over 200,000 square meters and an efficiency of up to 7 days lead-time per module.
Under normal circumstances, if the customer chooses the products of our standard type, the customer must engage a third party to carry out the ground infrastructure (expected to take 2 weeks). Based on our standard type products, we have reasonable stock at factory. Under normal circumstances, after all materials are delivered to the construction site, it will only take 1-2 days on site to install. If the customer needs to customize the type of mobile house it will take more time for additional floor plan and structural design, material processing time which will, usually be about 30 days.
4、How about the configuration of the aluminum house?
AluHouse’s MIC and mobile house is prefabricated and decorated to reach the standard of a four-star hotel or above and ready to move in. The standard interior decoration is aluminum alloy wall or ecological wood board, wooden floor or aluminum floor, AAG high-grade aluminum alloy door and window, Schneider electric system, aluminum alloy clasp ceiling, indoor lighting, water supply and drainage system, branded sanitary ware (toilet, sink, shower, shower partition). In addition, customers may opt for personalized decoration style according to personal preference, including smart home systems, smart ecosystems, central air conditioners, solar power systems, wall-mounted air conditioners etc.
Quality and Safety Aspects
1、Is the structure secure enough to resist earthquakes and hurricanes?
The main body of the aluminum house is made of high-strength aluminum alloy insulated material. Due to the light weight of the house, the joints are flexibly connected by screws, and instantaneous collapse in an earthquake would not happen and resistant to earthquakes of magnitude 8 or higher and hurricanes of level 16. The strong, structural character is ideal for building in areas with frequent earthquakes or typhoons.
2、Is it conductive to electricity? Any problem with reception to signal?
The lightning protection device installed with the aluminum house meets the national lightning protection standard (Grade 2). Our R&D team works in one of these aluminum villas and have no problem with the signal reception.
3、The aluminum house is light in weight, how about the bearing capacity?
The loading capacity per square meter of the aluminum house is 250kg~300kg, which is equivalent to the total weight of 4 to 5 adults.
4、What about thermal insulation performance?
All structural parts of aluminum mobile houses are filled with thermal insulation materials, this system of wall insulation meets the national standards certification. For different geographical temperatures, our company will adjust the specifications of the wall and insulation materials, or increase the floor heating effectively to avoid the "cold bridge" phenomenon, to achieve the residential effect of warm winter and cool summer. By the same token, passengers remain comfortable inside the aircraft made of aluminum alloy material experiencing ground temperature of 40 degrees to minus 50 degrees in the atmosphere, which proves that living in an aluminum house with appropriate thermal insulation is also very comfortable.
5、What is the fire resistance performance of the aluminum mobile house?
The low-rise buildings of three storeys or less meet the requirements of the National Class IV fire protection standards. The new aluminum alloy wall is made of thermal insulation material and is resistant to fire for more than 100 minutes. In addition, the aluminum alloy is a Class A fireproof material, that is a non-combustible material.
6、How is the life span?
The aluminum mobile house is moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. In the absence of human damage or major natural disasters, the life span of aluminum mobile house can be over 50 years.
7、How is the aluminum mobile house environmentally recyclable?
The construction materials of aluminum mobile house are all green environmentally friendly materials, and the main aluminum materials can be 100% recycled. The construction process is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, no dust, dry environment operation, no pollution to the environment and thus a green construction.
8、Is the aluminum modular house safe?
The structural parts of the aluminum modular integrated system are sent to Guangzhou Building Materials Industry Research Institute and Leading Building Materials Testing Center and other qualified institute for quality inspection to ensure that fire safety, heat insulation, sound insulation, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, load bearing, indoor air and other safety indicators are in line with the state standard. Test reports and data are available.
Maintenance aspect
1、How to maintain and safekeep aluminum mobile house?
The aluminum mobile house is easy to clean and the coating is guaranteed for 20 years. It is recommended to clean with water or a neutral detergent and soft cotton yarn and cotton cloth for daily maintenance and avoid using hard abrasives or tools such as corundum powder, sandpaper, acidic or alkaline cleaners or wire brush, etc..
2、Is after-sales services provided?
Our company provides a comprehensive after-sales services. The specific terms and conditions of the after-sales service will be listed in detail in the relevant sales contracts.
Value-added services
1、Does the Company provide any custom made services?
We are able to provide made to order services for users who have customized needs. After signing the relevant design contract, we will provide design solutions on house plan.
2、Any installment payment options?
We work with third-party financial institutions to provide financial assistance services to customers who are in need. Instalment payment services can only be provided if the number of orders meets the relevant required financial conditions and passed the credit investigation conducted by the third-party financial institution.
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