AluHouse mobile house system is a low storey modular building system targets at camp site, boutique hotel, mobile shops markets.

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AluHouse mobile house is based on an innovative architectural concept, combined with the advantages of aluminum. It's light and strong, moisture and corrosion-proof, and offers fantastic plasticity. 


The aluminum housing structure within the AluHouse including the floor, walls, roof, platform, balcony railings, stairs and other structural parts can be assembled in modules. All of these modules are pre-made in the factory for easy and quick assembly. The user will need only a crane and trailer to transport the prefabricated modules to the building site. Once arrived, the entire house assembly is as easy as putting blocks together. With it's flexible modular system, users can build different shapes and different levels of housing, all with many choices which lead to unlimited possibilities.


From aluminum to innovative aluminum housing! Through the mobile-space design of aluminum housing, AluHouse develops mobile tourism, mobile hotels, mobile restaurants, mobile exhibition space and mobile shops. These may be in many different environments such as beaches, forests, rocky areas, rugged roads or practically anywhere.