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Do you have any IPA certification in Hong Kong?

At present, the company has obtained IPA certification for a number of MiC from the Buildings Department, among which 2 steel MiC systems have obtained IPA certification, and other MiC systems such as high-rise steel structure ALUST30, high-rise concrete structure system ALRC40 and hybrid structure MiC have submitted and under approval.

Which parts of the AluHouse products are off site prefabricated?

The structural system and decoration system (doors and windows, stairs, ceilings, railings,bathrooms) are all prefabricated at the factory.

Can you provide on-site installation service?

Our MiC houses are generally off-site construction followed by on-site installation.Project technicians will be assigned to provide installation guidance for each project.

How long is the construction cycle?

The AluHouse production base covers an area of 650 hectares. Our annual production capacity is more than 1.6 million square meters. The sheltered factory covers the area of more than 250,000 square meters, which can accommodate 2,000 assembly stations at the same time and can be easily extend to more than 4500 workstations. So far , our average production cycle of each module is 10-15 days, while the design and manufacturing take about one month.

How about the configuration of the MiC house?

AluHouse MiC product is integrated with structual and decoration system to fit customers' needs. It's almost play and plug . Take Steel MiC as an example , the standard configuration of interior decoration is aluminum wall panel or aluminum floor, AAG advanced aluminum alloy doors and Windows, Schneider strong and weak electricity system, aluminum alloy buckle ceiling, indoor lighting, house water supply and drainage system, domestic and foreign famous brand sanitary ware (toilet, wash basin set, shower, shower partition), etc. In addition, customers can choose personalized decoration projects according to actual needs, including smart home system, smart ecosystem, central air conditioning, solar power generation system, wall-mounted air conditioning, whole home, etc.