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Please share with us what AluHouse have been doing?

AluHouse focuses on the research and development, design, production, construction and sales of modular integrated construction. So far, our business sectors include : 1- Reinforced concrete MiC, steel structure MiC, aluminum structure MiC 2- Aluminum alloy pedestrian bridge 3- Aluminum alloy smart scafflodings 4- Aluminum alloy / Steel mould 5- Aluminum home furnishing products (aluminum flooring, aluminum wall panels, aluminum outdoor flooring, aluminum cabinets, aluminum bathroom cabinets, etc.)

What kind of MiC structure that AluHouse produces?

We are the first manufacturing enterprise in the Greater Bay Area with the large-scale produciton capacity of concrete MiC, steel MiC and aluminum MiC products.

Please share with us some successful AluHouse projects ?

We have plenty of MiC projects located in mainland China and Hong Kong and we are the TOP 3 supplier in MiC industry. For more project information please go to visit our webiste on project page

How about your manufacturing competence?

AluHouse’s advanced manufacturing equipment and instruments include CNC numeric control processing production lines, automatic welding robots, automatic concrete mixing plants, national CNAS laboratories, Hong Kong QSPSC certification laboratories, curtain wall testing centers, and large-tonnage forklifts and cranes, which fulfil the prefabricated assembly standards of both metal and concrete structure modules.

What's the applicaiton of AluHouse products?

Concrete MiC is mainly applied to permanent buildings up to 40 storeys, including public housing, schools and residential buildings. Steel structure MiC is mainly used in transitional houses, student dormitories, quarantine centers, etc., with a maximum of 30 floors. Aluminum structure MiC is mainly used for tourism holidays, commercial shops, offices, etc., generally in the building below 4 floors.

Beside MiC moduels, do you produce concrete components?

Yes, we can also produce precast concrete components, such as precast facades, precast floors, precast staricases, precast bathrooms etc.

How many storeys can AluHouse reach now in your project?

Our aluminum structure MiC can generally do four layers below, steel structure MiC can do 30 layers, reinforced concrete MiC structure can do 40 layers.

Have AluHouse started its oversea export business?

In principle, AluHouse can be exported globally as long as they comply with local policies and regulations. Currently, AluHouse have been exported to the United States, Malaysia, Australia and other countries, and AluHouse project have launched in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. We welcome cooperation from customers all over the world.

What is the price?

The price of MiC products depends on the structural system,the design, the decoration configuration, and the ease of construction. We will provide accurate quotation after we have a detailed understanding of the customer's demand. For details, please contact us to or directly call the sales hotline 86-400-100-0289(CN) or 852 9190-9587 (HK) to communicate with our account manager.

Is there any offline experience center?

Zhaoqing, Guangdong Experience center:AsiaAlum Industrial City, Dawang,Zhaoqing, Guangdong province, PRC. America experience center:34390 Gateway Drive, 92211 Palm Desert, California, United States

How can I join AluHouse as a distributor?

Currently AluHouse is mainly self-operated, and depending on the actual situation and after our discussion and negotiation with the interested parties, AluHouse may authorize partners who meet our qualification requirements as a distributor of AluHouse and we will provide certain business support to the distributors. For details, please contact Mr. Lin: Contact No.: +86 0758-6928628 Contact email:

What is the difference between an aluminum MiC house and a container house?

The aluminum MiC house is made of aluminum alloy material, whereas the container house is generally modified from a container. The container space is relatively small, a standard 20-foot or 40-foot container is too narrow space wise, whereas the aluminum house is relatively more spacious. The single module width can reach a height of 3.3 meters and a length of up to 12 meters. The aluminum house is durable, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. It does not rust and has low maintenance costs compared to container houses made of iron.

Comparing to wood materials, what are the advantages of aluminum MiC houses?

As an invaluable resource on earth, wood needs to go through a long growth cycle. In China, the annual logging industry will inevitably destroy forest resources, which is contrary to the environmental mission and philosophy of AluHouse. In addition, wooden houses are susceptible to termites and cannot be used for long periods of time, requiring regular maintenance thus incurring additional costs. However, the aluminum alloy material introduced by AluHouse has undergone special surface treatment to form a dense protective layer, which has strong corrosion resistance and high level against rust and termite. It is most suitable for beach houses, near the coast or in other humid environments.

Does the installation of the MiC house need to be reported and licensed?

The registration procedures for the construction requirements will need to be further consulted with the local authorities. Normally,the metal structured MiC house is considered temporary building in China and is therefore not subject to construction land index, while meeting national policy requirements.