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Is the structure secure enough to resist earthquakes and hurricanes?

The main body of the steel and aluminum MiC products are made of high-strength steel or aluminum insulated material. Due to the light weight of the house, the joints are flexibly connected by screws, and instantaneous collapse in an earthquake would not happen and resistant to earthquakes of magnitude 8 or higher and hurricanes of level 16. The strong structural system is ideal for building in areas with frequent earthquakes or typhoons.

Is it conductive to electricity? Any problem with reception to signal?

Our metal structure and concrete structure MiC are aseembly with lightning protection device, are designed in accordance with the national lightning protection standards. At present, the projects that have been implemented involve housing, tourism and vacation, office facilities, education and other fields, and there are no signal barrier concerns.

What about thermal insulation performance?

All structural parts of steel and aluminum MiC houses are filled with thermal insulation materials, this system of wall insulation meets the national standards certification. For different geographical temperatures, our company will adjust the specifications of the wall and insulation materials, or increase the floor heating effectively to avoid the "cold bridge" phenomenon, to achieve the residential effect of warm winter and cool summer.

How is the life span?

Steel MiC and concrete structure MiC is a permanent building, the service life is generally more than 70 years.The aluminum MiC house is moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant. In the absence of human damage or major natural disasters, the life span of aluminum mobile house can be over 50 years.

Is the production process green?

The steel and aluminum structure MiC products can be decorated with aluminum alloy materials, such as aluminum ceiling, floor, wall panel decoration while concrete MiC can also use aluminum formwork for casting.Aluminum can be 100% recycled. The construction process is low-carbon and environmentally friendly, no dust, dry environment operation, no pollution to the environment and thus a green construction.

How about the quality assurance ?

In order to ensure quality of AluHouse MiC modules, we have a rigorous test far beyond the industry standards, our industrial park is equipped with CNAS and HKLAB certified testing center laboratories, ensuring that fire prevention, heat insulation, sound insulation, wind resistance, earthquake resistance, load-bearing, indoor air and other safety indicators can meet the standards. Our mixing plant and laboratory of concrete MiC factory is also certified with Hong Kong QSPSC standard.