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AluHouse is the world's leading building technology enterprise which specializes in the use of aluminum alloy in all it's product lines.Our major products include aluminum modular integrated construction (MiC) system,aluminum pedestrian bridges, steel MiC, concrete MiC, aluminum MiC modules equipped with M&E, kitchen & sanitary, fitting out etc. as well as aluminum automatic scaffolding system. The patented AluHouse MiC system is an innovative building technology which blends the use of aluminum alloy and architecture, has set a new benchmark in building industry. 

Founded in 2012 with a headquartered in Hong Kong, AluHouse was rooted in an industrial base in Guangdong China, covering an area around 4,400,000 square meter, of which 250,000 square meters are used as a covered MiC fectory. We have 300 full-time workers and 2,000 plus workers from sub-contractors. We provide a one-stop supply chain from aluminum extrusion to modular house prefabrication .AluHouse's global business platform covers many countries and regions such as Asia, Australia, the United States, and Europe etc. Our business lines cover sectors such as tourism, retailing, residential, commercial and public utility industry where we provide users with premium prefabricated holiday homes, hostels, hotels, site office, showroom,dormitory, apartments, retail shops, quarantine facilities for medical use, and construction of public services, etc.


We are committed to creating a smart cities built from sustainable sources, providing more efficient and better living options for our descandants in the future and promoting a green world for next generations.


We are committed to advocate, through our operating team and subsidiary companies, our contribution in the development of prefabricated structure houses and other related products to generate a green, low-carbon environmental friendly construction method for the industry , and to become a poineer in MiC industry. 


Integrity and Ethics  | Innovative | Dedication | Excellent Quality


Development history

  • 2012

    The first prototype aluminum house "Tea House" project was born in China

  • 2013

    Start innovation of modular house by using aluminum structure

  • 2014

    Start the R&D of aluminum modular building system and mock up testing

    Established an experience center in GD

    Company registered in Hong Kong and China

    Started applying patents and IP globaly

  • 2015

    Finished Fairy Lake Hot Spring Resort project in Yingde, Guangdong 

    Finished Real Estate Mobile Sales Office Project in Yangchun, Guangdong

    Finished Commercial Street Project (around 1000 ㎡) in Sihui, Guangdong

    ALPOD Prototype launched in Kowloon Park, Hong Kong

    Recognized as "Guangdong High-tech Product"

    Obtained ISO9001, ISO14001 and UKAS certification

  • 2016

    ALPOD products launched in Shanghai, China

    Finished NanHu Lake Ecological Park Visitor Service Center in Gansu

    2016 A’ Design Award Silver in Italy

    2016 Iconic award Winner in Germany

    2016 Global Design Award Silver in Hong Kong

    Established experience center in Yunnan and Hangzhou

  • 2017

    ALPOD exhibition tours in Hong Kong's Harbor Front Centre and EKEO 

    Business extended to American market and finished projects at california

    Finished commercial street project at Fisherman's Wharf, Macao

    Finished commercial street project at Shishan university town, Foshan

    Business extended to new retail market and build unmanned stores

    Writing prefabricated aluminum structure housing national standard

    Recognized as "National High-Tech Enterprise"

  • 2018

    Business extended to high-rise modular integrated construction 

    Passed the in-principle acceptance by Hong Kong building department

    Established a MIC laboratory in Hong Kong polytechnic university

    2017 American architecture prize in the united states

    2017 International design award(IDA) in the united states

    Finished the boutique hotel project at Zhangzhou and Yangjiang

    Finished Crab Island RV camp project at Beijing

    Finished boutique hotel project at Bailinwan, Shaoguan

    Finished commercial street project(Phase II) at Foshan

    Finished sales office project at Jiangmeng, Guangdong

    Finishend Hekka park showroom project at Meizhou, Guangdong

  • 2019

    Finished commercial street project at Xingning, Meizhou, Guangdong
    Finished the holiday resort projects at Mei she, Meizhou, Guangdong
    Finished site office project at Lung Kwu Tan,Pingshe,TKO,Hongkong
    Hong Kong Sustainablity Award 2019
    Hong Kong Construction Innovation Award(Productivity) First Prize
    Listed as one of the MiC Demonstration Base in GD Province

  • 2020

    ◆Hong kong Penny's Bay Mic Temporary Quarantine Facilities 1123 units (Phase 1A/2/4)
    ◆Zhaoqing Southern Power Grid prefabricated power distribution station
    ◆Hong Kong Shek Wu Hui, Kai Tak, Cha Kwo Ling site office project 
    ◆Guangzhou South Railway Station “Guoxia Merchant Promotion Centre”

  • 2021

    ◆Guangzhou Huangpu Jingxiacun “Beautiful Village”  project
    ◆ Asia Aluminum  Staff Quarter 
    ◆ Kong Ha Wai Transitional Housing Project
    ◆ Site Office Project in PIK WAN ROAD\POK FU LAM\ CHEUNG CHAU

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